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  • Tiny n tuff race n chase rig
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Tiny n tuff race n chase rig

  • Recommended Age: 1 Year Old
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Take the Tiny n Tuff Race n Chase Rig by Mega Bloks on a speedy adventure! Hauling Henry is ready to roll with his friends Zooming Zack and Speeding Sammy in back.

With a quick flip of the handle, the rig transforms into a ramp, rocketing your little drivers cars into a high-speed race. These freewheeling friends capture your childs imagination, transporting them to a world of twists and turns on a raceway of creativity. Great for independent and cooperative play, the Tiny n Tuff Race n Chase Rig by Mega Bloks!


- Loadable semi-truck with two racecars for hours of adventure
- Three new racetrack friends for high-speed family fun
- Sturdy construction for Tiny n Tuff playtime
- Easy-to-use handle for quick-launch racing action

Why Our Experts Love It

This durable truck is such a cute friend for your child to drive around. He carries two speedy friends on him that launch off in an exciting race to the finish line! Kids love to see these cars shoot off into the distance. Zoom! It's a great way to improve their dexterity and teach them cause and effect. They will test out different launches to see which will send the cars off fatsest and furthest. And they can invite a friend over to their own Motorspeedway for the race. We love toys from Mega Bloks and this sturdy rig doesn't disappoint, race fans. So grab pole position!
  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards