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  • Two Peas in a Pod
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Two Peas in a Pod

  • Recommended Age: Newborns
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These guys are as comfy as 2 peas in a pod!

- These two peas in a pod is a soft plush set that comes with 2 babies and a pea pod (sorry, that'kinda redundant).
- Pea-pod features gender neutral colors.
- Perfect for baby's first cuddle dolls.
- Made from soft, silk fabrics.
- Dimensions: 3:L x 4.5 W x 12 H

Why Our Experts Love It

We're always on the lookout for cute baby toys, that are gender neutral, that have a calming effect on baby.

And we found it. Easy grip, beautifully made, safe and perfectly sized, make this one of our favorites.
  • Pretend play is so important to your little ones growing creativity and imagination. Your child will enjoy pretending that this doll is their baby. This also creates a sense of bonding as she gains an appreciation for the things you do for her.
  • Your child may be insisting on dressing themselves each day. What better way to practice these new skills than on your new doll?
  • Take some time to sit with your child as she play acts with the doll. It is a great time to improve her vocabulary. Help your child recognize parts of her body or practice her actions words, like clap your hands or rub eyes.
  • When children are first learning how to express their emotions, it is easier for them to talk about themselves in the third person, rather than the first person. So you can use the doll to help your baby begin to understand her emotions by talking about how she may be feeling.
  • Use the doll to model a new activity or stressful scenario to help your child become comfortable with it. For example, if your child has a doctors appointment and will get injections, model this scenario using the doll.
  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards