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  • Wimmer Ferguson Mobile
  • Wimmer Ferguson Mobile
  • Wimmer Ferguson Mobile
  • Wimmer Ferguson Mobile
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Wimmer Ferguson Mobile

  • Recommended Age: Newborns-For Newborns+ Year Old
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Wimmer Ferguson Mobile
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As baby toygo, the Wimmer Ferguson Stim-mobile is the best!

- This unique mobile contrasts bright colors with bold black-and-white designs, which introduces babies to simple shapes and movements.
- The cards are reversible, with designs that progress from simple to more complex.
- The mobile hangs from an adjustable upright, so it's easy to set the height just how you like it!


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Why Our Experts Love It

We LOVE the Wimmer Ferguson Stim-mobile!

It's super simple and your baby will love to look at it from his/her crib. It also reflects more than 40 years of research on infant vision, which makes it an educational toy.

It's a great baby gift.
  • While the Wimmer Ferguson Stim Mobile has been around for years, it is still one of the most developmentally rich mobiles available.
  • In the first few weeks of life infants can only see black and white. This mobile has bold geometric patterns that help stimulate your baby’s abilities, to focus and develop his/her eyesight.
  • Babies are born only being able to see from eight to twelve inches from their face. And most babies look from side to side before they can focus on something directly above them. Begin by holding your infant over your shoulder with the mobile close behind you. This will encourage your baby to lift his/her head which will help develop neck strength and head control.
  • Place this mobile on your baby’s crib on one side and close enough that he/she can see it, but be sure to keep it out of the child’s grasp as he/she begins to grow.
  • The gentle movement of the Stim Mobile will help with your child’s visual tracking and serves as a developmental toy for eye muscles.

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  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards