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  • 3D Explorer Book Dinosaurs
  • 3D Explorer Book Dinosaurs

3D Explorer Book Dinosaurs

  • Recommended Age: 7-8 Year Old
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3-D Explorer: Dinosaurs offers kids a window into the early days of our planet.

- A fun and interactive 3-D tour, it features stunning pop-up scenes that reveal the lives of the mighty Stegosaurus, Raptor, Megasaurus, and other fascinating dinosaurs.
- Unique transparent layers give readers a glimpse of the unusual habitats of these prehistoric creatures.

- Kids will discover how dinosaurs evolved from small predators to the largest land animals of all time, and then meet the fierce reptiles of the oceans and the skies.

- Imagine a time when the Triceratops walked the earth. When the roar of the Brontosaurus could be heard for miles. When the Pterosaurs soared through the skies. Millions of years ago, these magnificent creatures roamed the same lands we now live in. It's a time that now seems impossibly far away in the past . . .but there are ways to understand what life was like in that prehistoric era.

- Covering the Triassic period to the Jurassic period and everything in between, 3-D Explorer: Dinosaurs is packed with eye-catching images and intriguing facts about the daily lives of dinosaurs.

Why Our Experts Love It


We absolutely love this book because it gives children a fun way to learn about dinosaurs. It will teach your child about how dinosaurs evolved from small predators to the largest animals of all time!

It will go over the pre-historic era and teach your children what life was like back then.

We love it!

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