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  • Glo Sports - Playground Ball
  • Glo Sports - Playground Ball
  • Glo Sports - Playground Ball
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Glo Sports - Playground Ball

  • Recommended Age: 4-7 Year Old
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Oglo Sports 8.5 Playground Ball Is perfect for the energetic athlete - A glowing ball of fun.

Turn off the light and turn on the Glo! Play all night and all day with your Oglo Glow Playground Ball!

Just hold your Oglo Sports Playground ball under any light for up to 10 minutes and it will Glo for hours. Oglo Playground Ball is available in 2 colors: red ball with blue glow in the dark design or blue ball with green glow in dark design.


Why Our Experts Love It

" Glo Sports Playground Ball is awesome.

We like it because it's a great outdoor ball, and we love outdoor activities!

And the 'kicker' is that this baby glows in the dark. Perfect for the late afternoon game.

Developmentally speaking, great for foot-eye coordination and social interaction.

Glo Sports Playground ball is a great way to get the kids outside and get some exercise without even realizing it. Have the kids set up bases in the backyard and throw a good ol' game of Kickball. Grownups VS Kids.

May the best team win."
  • Kids love to play outside at a very young age. They love to invent new games and can find to do just about anything with a simple toy.
  • Take the glo sports playground ball outside as it is just becoming dark. Talk to your kids about how and why they think the ball glows. Ask them what color is it and see if they know the shape.
  • Sit down in a circle and first roll the ball to each other. Learning to catch and gaining that confidence isn’t always easy. So sit down and roll the ball to each other. Slowly get up and move farther away from each other. Have your child throw the ball to you at first so they can gain confidence.
  • Before you know it, they’ll be playing in the big leagues. Have them invent a fun game to play outside with the neighborhood kids.
  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards