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  • Hot Wheels Trex Takedown
  • Hot Wheels Trex Takedown
  • Hot Wheels Trex Takedown
  • Hot Wheels Trex Takedown
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Hot Wheels Trex Takedown

  • 3.0
  • Brand: Mattel
  • Item Number: 070-062
  • Recommended Age: 4 Year Old
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'Get out of my jungle!' warns the T-Rex

- The Hot Wheels T-Rex Take Down Playset that will spark great imaginative play.

- A car that 'teases' the dinosaur may find itself trapped in his mouth and unable to sneak out the back escape ramp through the hidden door. But a second car can try a rescue with the right aim!

- Just line up the cannon launcher clear the piranha pit and knock the T-Rex in the chest to send him forward releasing the imprisoned car. Who will go the way of the dinosaur?

-Hot Wheels T-Rex Take Down Playset includes playset and 1 car.

Why Our Experts Love It

Wait! What can be better than a T-Rex meeting up with a Hot Wheelz car? There's nothing cooler than that! Just line up the cannon launcher and set the car speeding through the Ice Age. This set will improve your child's fine motor skills as they place the car on the track and let it fly. And he will learn great social skills when he invites all his friends over to play Jurassic cars. Get ready to usher in the neo-fun age!
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