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  • Alphabet Train Floor Puzzle
  • Alphabet Train Floor Puzzle
  • Alphabet Train Floor Puzzle
  • Alphabet Train Floor Puzzle
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Alphabet Train Floor Puzzle

  • Recommended Age: 3 Year Old
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All aboard the Alphabet Train!

- Familiar objects are featured in each car to illustrate the letter, all pulled by a beautifully detailed blue engine!
- Ten feet long when assembled, 28 extra-thick cardboard pieces are 20% thicker than the competition's.
- Its easy-clean surface keeps puzzle looking new.

Dimensions: 120 L x 5.75 W Assembled.

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Why Our Experts Love It

Puzzles are great for all sorts of reasons -

strengthening spacial relations, hand-eye coordination and problem solving. And this big, chunky train puzzle does a great job at all this. Your little one will be graduating to more complex puzzles in no time. For kids 3+
  • All children love the trains so begin by just talking about the train and the letters that you see on the box ;can you point out where the A is?
  • Take out the Alphabet Train Puzzle pieces and see what your child can put together by themselves by using the box as a guide. Help if they need it but see what they can do on their own.
  • Once the puzzle is put together ask him/her to tell you a story about the train. This puzzle will transport you and your child on an alphabet adventure
  • Before you know it they will know all the names of the letters and they will be able to put the puzzle together without any help.
  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards