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  • Bella Butterfly Hopscotch
  • Bella Butterfly Hopscotch
  • Bella Butterfly Hopscotch
  • Bella Butterfly Hopscotch
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Bella Butterfly Hopscotch

  • Recommended Age: 5-9 Year Old
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Get Hoppin'

- Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Bella Butterfly Hopscotch - Bright colors plus fun graphics add up to the hoppin' good times with these 8 interlocking durable, easy-clean foam pieces, 2 markers and durable carry case.
- Comes with complete game instructions.
- Measures: 72 x 24 assembled.

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Why Our Experts Love It

A good-ole-fashioned game to strengthen balance, coordination and focus.

This beautifully colored set makes your children want to hop on outside (or inside on rainy days) and get their bodies movin'!
  • This fun, colorful version of the classic sidewalk game can be played indoors or out. Snap the tiles together for your child and explain that he/she has to throw the soft disc on a tile, then hop on the numbers, not touching the one that the disc landed on.
  • At first your child will probably need to jump with a two-footed jump. Encourage him/her to jump further and further to distant numbers.
  • Practice counting by asking your child call out the numbers aloud as he/she hops on them.
  • Have your child hop to a specific number and call out the colors on that tile.
  • Try asking your child to jump to a certain number and balance on one foot, then the other. This will encourage him/her to develop good balance as your child shifts his/her weight.
  • Then, show your little one how to hop on one foot once, twice, three times, until he/she can make it to the end of the board.
  • When you child masters this game, he/she will be able to hop through all the numbers, turn around and hop back. On his/her way back, your preschooler will be able to bend down and pick up his/her disc.
  • As far as learning toys go, this Hopscotch game is a great way to encourage social interaction. Invite over some friends and each take a turn at Hopscotch. Taking turns is an important skill your child will need as he/she moves toward school.
  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards

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