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  • Deluxe Water Color Set
  • Deluxe Water Color Set
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Deluxe Water Color Set

  • Recommended Age: 3-6 Year Old
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From vibrant color to a pale wash, these twenty-one beautiful non-toxic watercolors are awaiting your inspiration!

- Contained in a sturdy carry case, the lid doubles as a mixing tray.
- Deluxe brush included.

- Comes with 21 colors.

Why Our Experts Love It

Granted it has 21 colors, but to us, we love it because it has back-up. Meaning, when the red gets dirty (and it will) there is more red to keep on painting.

Of course this set is perfect for toddlers because it has vibrant water colors to make their very own masterpiece.
  • It’s a great feeling of accomplishment to be able to alter your world with color, even if in the beginning you can’t get the fine detail of using brushes to control the paint. That makes finger paints the perfect medium.
  • Finger painting is also a great sensory experience. The feel of the paint on your hands and the visual stimulation as the colors cover the paper right before your eyes!
  • Have your child spread out a large piece of paper on the floor. Pour paints out onto plates so child can dip their fingers, even their entire hand in the colors.
  • Soon your child will experiment with different tools to control the paint - like sponges, brushes and spreaders.
  • Put the paper on the floor and see what shape a falling blob makes. Splat! (don’t forget to go to a place where you can make a mess)
  • Teach the child about primary colors, red, blue and yellow. Explain to the child that when you mix two colors together you get a new color. Practice the combinations making purple, green and orange.
  • Tape a large piece of paper on the wall or an easel so that your artist can make mural with friends (don’t forget the drop-cloth). This promotes teamwork and collaboration as they share the colors and take turns making their marks.

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  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards