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  • Jumbo 123 Chunky Puzzle
  • Jumbo 123 Chunky Puzzle
  • Jumbo 123 Chunky Puzzle
  • Jumbo 123 Chunky Puzzle
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Jumbo 123 Chunky Puzzle

  • Recommended Age: 2 Year Old
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Let's count our 1,2,3's.

- This is a hand-painted, playfully-styled puzzle with thick, chunky pieces.
- The individual pieces are so chunky that they can stand on their own for additional play!
- There are full-color pictures beneath each piece.


- 20 pcs.


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Why Our Experts Love It

We love hand-painted wooden toys.

It is the easiest first puzzle for your little one; pictures under each piece help your child find the right destination for each piece! The animals on each piece will help teach the what a group of each number looks like.

Your child will know his/her 123's in no time!
  • As far as educational toys go, this Jumbo 123 Puzzle classic wooden puzzle is a great way to help your child with his/her number recognition. Begin by counting to ten with your little one, pointing to each number as you count. Practice counting backwards, too. This will help develop flexibility in thinking.
  • At first, your child may notice the pictures of the animals or objects on the letters. Use the opportunity to learn about the different objects.
  • After practicing counting together a few days, point to a number and ask you little one child if he/she remembers what the number is called.
  • Review the pictures that are next to the numbers with your child. Show your little one the numbers. Take their hand and touch each object as you count them. Touching as you count is a great way to reinforce learning.
  • You can ask him/her to identify the number by the picture on it. For example, what number is on the square with the dinosaur?
  • Take all the numbers out of the puzzle and have your child put them back in their designated position. In the beginning, you may want to remove one puzzle piece at a time and say, "Can you help me fix this?" When only one piece is missing, it is much easier and the child can feel successful right away! Do this in a graded fashion until you think the child is ready to "fix" all the pieces.
  • You can encourage him/her to guess at where the piece goes and count the animals or objects on the square to see if he/she is right. As he/she places the number 11 in the puzzle, count 11 frogs.
  • You can also practice your colors or your animal sounds with this puzzle. What color are the frogs? What sound does a frog make?

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  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards