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  • Pound A Peg
  • Pound A Peg
  • Pound A Peg
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Pound A Peg

  • Recommended Age: 2 Year Old
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Hammer on!

- One of our most popular toddler toys.
- The Pound A Peg features a hammer and eight brightly colored pegs that can be pounded into the bench.
- When the pegs are hammered through, the bench can be flipped over and the pegs can be hammered again.
- Contains: 10 pcs

11 X 5 X 3.5

Why Our Experts Love It

We just love durable & safe wooden toys!

Pound a Peg is a simple, classic toy that teaches the basics of hand-eye coordination, color recognition and cause and effect. Pound 'em and flip it over to start again.

Not to mention toddlers will love to do a little hammering.
  • Show the child how to bang the pegs in the board with the hammer. At first his/her hand-eye coordination will be helped if he/she put one hand on the side of the peg to aim better. Also, your child will be more accurate if he/she doesn't begin his/her swing too far away from the Pound a Peg.
  • Soon your little one will be able to hit the pegs by himself/herself, without the help of a support hand.
  • Once your child has hit all the pegs into the board and they are flat, he/she will experience a sense of accomplishment at completing the task. Then flip the board over and your child can play all over again.
  • To improve your child's language skills and color recognition, direct him/her to hit only the blue pegs. Then have him/her hit all the red pegs. You can teach your child about patterns by having him/her hit every other peg, or only the first peg in every row.

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  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards

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