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  • Sandwich Making Set
  • Sandwich Making Set
  • Sandwich Making Set
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Sandwich Making Set

  • Recommended Age: 2-4 Year Old
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I'll have a Dagwood with all the extras.

- The Sandwich Making Set has eight, solid, wooden, mix-and-match pieces with Velcro tabs to help the pieces stay together.
- The Sandwich Making Set includes bread slices, a seeded roll, veggie slices, choices of meat, and more.

- Contains 17 pcs for some delicious sandwich making fun!

DIMENSIONS: 13 X 9 X 1.75

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Why Our Experts Love It

I'll have a turkey and cheese on wheat! HOLD THE MAYO!

We love The Sandwich Making Set because it is a high-quality wooden set (with Velcro so the sandwich doesn't fall apart). Now your short-order cook can add sandwich making to his accomplishments.

Just don't ask how much the sandwich costs...or your little one may say...$1 million dollars!
  • This Wooden Sandwich Set has enough sandwich choices to open your own deli! At first your little one will pull the pieces apart with his/her hands. With practice he/she will learn to use the knife correctly to pretend cut the slices.
  • Your child will tell you the name of each food. They may need some clues, since the food is sliced open and a tomato looks different from the inside than the outside. Use the ingredients to put together two or three word phrases, like "sour green pickle" or "red tomato slice." This will help your child practice his language abilities and put together longer sentences.
  • Your toddler will enjoy using his/her imagination and pretending that he/she is eating or cooking the food. He/She will love turning the tables and serving you a meal, maybe even in his/her very own neighborhood deli. "Order up!"
  • While at the deli, order a specific sandwich for your toddler to make. Include two to four items on your sandwich. This will improve your child's ability to listen and follow directions, as well as sequencing and memory skills.
  • Add other kitchen toys to the Sandwich Set for imaginative play. Your child will enjoy cooking and sharing this toddler toy food with his friends, or maybe just his teddy bear.

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  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards