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  • Shapes Sound Puzzle
  • Shapes Sound Puzzle
  • Shapes Sound Puzzle
  • Shapes Sound Puzzle
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Shapes Sound Puzzle

  • Recommended Age: 2 Year Old
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Show me the oval shape!

- The Shapes Sound Puzzle has pieces of different shapes and colors that make sounds when they are placed in the right part of the puzzle.


- 9 pcs.

DIMENSIONS: 11.75 X 8.75

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Why Our Experts Love It

We just love durable & safe wooden toys!

The Shapes Sound Puzzle receives our seal of approval because it is a self-correcting puzzle that will teach your child his/her shapes in no time!

Underneath each piece there is an object that is that shape...your child will start to relate different objects to shapes!

  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards