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  • Spark Shark Floating Target Game
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Spark Shark Floating Target Game

  • Recommended Age: 6-8 Year Old
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This pool game has bite! Float the shark target in the pool and toss the beanbag 'fish' as close as you can. Can you land yours in Spark Shark's mouth?


-With four colorful beanbags as 'sharkbait there are lots of ways to play and win!

-With four games to choose from kids and adults will have a blast tossing the bags in Spark Shark′s mouth.

-Each floating game ring is covered with chlorine and UV resistant fabric has a mesh pocket and comes with 4 bags.

-Measures: 19' X 20.5' X 2.5'

- An exciting target game to use in the pool "

Why Our Experts Love It

"We love this game so much. Some days, even the pool gets boring, but this fun and simple game spices it up. Teach them how to aim the bags for the target for hand-eye coordination. And it's even more challenging as the target free floats in the water. They can play alone, or divide some friends into teams. Taking turns throwing the bags and retrieving them is such a great lesson for life! This is just the cutest shark around. All he chomps is bean bags and boredom!"
  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards