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  • Sprayza Super Deluxe Set
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Sprayza Super Deluxe Set

  • Recommended Age: 5-7 Year Old
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Create unique airbrushed designs without batteries or electronic equipment.

- Just attach the Sprayza tool to one of 20 Sprayza Pens, then blow to airbrush vibrant colors. Ten sturdy stencils make clear, colorful pictures of animals, trains, circus scenes and more . . . so even beginners can get impressive results, every time they Sprayza.

- Add exciting effects with color blends, custom designs and a Magic Activator Pen that transforms the Magic Pens colors, right on the page. Includes two Sprayza Tools, 20 Sprayza Pens (15 Sprayza, 4 Sprayza Magic, 1 Activator), 10 stencils, 20 sheets of paper and instructions.

Why Our Experts Love It

This is a unique way to create some beautiful masterpieces!

We love new products that bring a new meaning to arts and crafts! And this does just that.

Let your artist become creative and airbrush you a drawing in different patterns and colors!

  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards