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  • Sticker Collection Pink
  • Sticker Collection Pink
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Sticker Collection Pink

  • Recommended Age: 3-6 Year Old
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800 STICKERS! A cornucopia of multi-themed stickers in these over-sized books will delight and inspire young decorators.

- Princesses, Safari, Farm Animals and more are sure to WOW your little princess.
- Dimensions: 11 x 14 x .5 ...10 pages with 800+ fabulous stickers (we had to say it again).

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Why Our Experts Love It

We love the quality...but we really love the value.

- We don't like when toys run out quickly. This won't happen with 800 stickers.
- Arts and crafts are the perfect way for your child to express her creativity! This book comes with so many different stickers, your little ones imagination will run wild creating different scenes!

HELPFUL-HINT: Get a few of these. You'll be glad you did on a rainy day. Or when you need a gift for a birthday party and you don't want to run to the toy-store. Just reach into the closet, grab one, and BAM!, Mom's a hero.

  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards