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  • Kim Buni Blocks - 74 pc set
  • Kim Buni Blocks - 74 pc set
  • Kim Buni Blocks - 74 pc set
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Kim Buni Blocks - 74 pc set

  • Recommended Age: 1 Year Old
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Aimed at young children with its easy assembly and round flexible pieces.

Includes a didactic guide and assembly pamphlet. Presented in practical containers.

Why Our Experts Love It

These are perfect blocks for any toddler!

These resistant and durable blocks are perfect for building for those small hands. It is a great way to get your child's creativity going!
  • Until now your child may be used to classic block sets that have to be balanced one on top of the other. At first your toddler will stack these blocks directly on top of each other, since that is what he/she is used to.
  • Because these blocks have the “arms” to hold them in place, your child can stack blocks in new ways. As your little one gets older and develops better visual-spatial skills, he/she will use the blocks diagonally, next to each other or on a slant to build more creative structures.
  • Ask your child to group the blocks of one color together. Suggest that they think of something that is that same color and build it. For example, “What is yellow?” He/She may build a banana or a taxi.
  • Add people or animals and use the Kim Buni Blocks to make a town or zoo. There are so many possibilities. Your child’s imagination keeps growing everyday. If you haven’t sat down with your child to build for a while his/her new ideas may surprise you.
  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards