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  • Professor Noggin Outer Space
  • Professor Noggin Outer Space
  • Professor Noggin Outer Space
  • Professor Noggin Outer Space
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Professor Noggin Outer Space

  • Recommended Age: 7-8 Year Old
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Professor Noggin delves deep into Outer Space, exploring plants, starts, and solar systems.

Explore the cosmos in this challenging trivia game that will have you guessing about everything under the sun, and some things over it.


Asteroids, Astronaut, Comets, Crater, Earth, Earths Moon, Eclipse, Galaxy, Galileo, General_Topic_Card, Hubble, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Meteor Shower, Neptune, Observatory, Pluto, Satellites, Saturn, Saturn V Rocket, Solar System, Space Shuttle, Space Stations, Stars (Part 1), Stars (Part 2), Sun, Telescopes, Uranus, Venus . . .

Isn't that enough?

Why Our Experts Love It

Blast Off! Hey, is that Mars?

Forget the kids, we all need a brush-up when we look up. Toys that teach kids without them realizing they are learning are our favorites!

And Professor Noggin card games are fantastic for that reason. They are fun games that will teach your child about topics, like sports, the ocean and outer space. And the games have longevity because they have multiple levels to keep your little one challenged.

What is the difference between a solar eclipse or a lunar eclipse? See below for the answer!

Answer: A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun. A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon.
  • What a great year the 7’s are. There a few milestones they may achieve and growing pains your typical 7-year-old may encounter.
  • Hand-eye coordination is well developed, has good balance and can execute simple gymnastic movements, such as somersaults.
  • Uses a vocabulary of several thousand words and is able to demonstrate a longer attention span.
  • Uses serious, logical thinking, is thoughtful and reflective and is able to understand reasoning and make the right decisions.
  • Begins to grasp that letters represent the sounds that form words
  • Takes direction well; needs punishment only rarely.
  • Starts to feel guilt and shame.
  • Initiate discussions about right vs. wrong.

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  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards
  • Choking Hazard 3 - Small parts not for children under 3 years