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  • Numbers Match Up Game
  • Numbers Match Up Game
  • Numbers Match Up Game
  • Numbers Match Up Game
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Numbers Match Up Game

  • Recommended Age: 2 Year Old
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Youngest players can play face up match up

Place the cards face up on a table or smooth surface. Have a grown up call out the match.

For instance, Can you find two penguins wearing hats? Children can take turns or compete to see who finds the match fastest. For a more challenging game, turn over the cards and play a memory concentration game.

Try to make matches by turning over 2 cards. If it 's a match, take the cards. If it 's not a match, turn them back over in the same place in the game. Pay attention and keep your memory tuned! A challenging puzzle keeps the fun going for years to come. For 1-4 players.

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Why Our Experts Love It

This is a wonderful game for children to start learning their numbers.

We love this one because it has instructions for 2 versions - a simple face-up match up game for the youngest players and a more complicated memory match up for older children - which makes the game fun for everyone!

It's a great learning tool that helps children learn to take turns and recognize similarities. Parents can use this game to teach numbers, words, shapes, and more! ISSUE: The kids will win. It's inevitable. Just watch how fast their mind and fingers are!
  • The Match Up Game & Puzzle is a great set because it’s a game and puzzle in one.

  • First use the cards as a memory game. As you play the memory game, you can educate your child about all the different animals you will see on the cards.   Start with playing memory with only a few cards but before you know it they will be playing with the entire deck of cards.

  • Next flip the cards over and you have a great animal floor puzzle.  Sit with your child and put the puzzle together at first and then have them do it by themselves.

  • While putting the puzzle together ask them about the different colors and animals they see. What color is the dog and where does he live?

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  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards