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  • Alphabet Squiggle On the Go
  • Alphabet Squiggle On the Go
  • Alphabet Squiggle On the Go
  • Alphabet Squiggle On the Go

Alphabet Squiggle On the Go

  • Recommended Age: 5-8 Year Old
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Alphabet SQUIGGLE on-the-go allows children to have fun while learning their letters.

- It is a unique and clever game that engages children's interest, improves their penmanship and strengthens their vocabulary as it stimulates their creativity and builds confidence.
- Best of all it can be played just about anywhere! It is easy as 1 2 3.
- Children simply spin the fun and colorful letter wheel then write the letter on the pad below which has printed guidelines to help their accuracy and control.
- As they practice their letters, children have fun and try to turn them into a picture or even write a word that starts with that letter. Watch how much they enjoy having fun with their letters!

Why Our Experts Love It

Alphabet Squiggle is one of the best 5 year old toys!

It is great for the car, plane, or train! This game is silly, and super fun. It will definitely foster creativity and team work in your child, while reinforcing the alphabet. It's no ordinary board game! It's hard to find good gifts for 5 year olds, but this toy is one of the greatest!
  • What a great year the 5’s are. There a few milestones they may achieve and growing pains your typical 5-year-old may encounter.
  • May invent games with simple rules and organize other children and toys for pretend play.
  • Can expresses anger and jealousy physically and can sometimes can be very bossy. Also, notices when another child is angry or sad - more sensitive to feelings of others.
  • May enjoy collecting things.
  • Able to dress self with little assistance, uses a fork and knife well and cuts on a line with scissors.
  • Block and dramatic play is much more elaborate and complex and has good attention span and can concentrate well.
  • Is project minded - plans buildings, play scenarios, and drawings.
  • Interested in cause and effect can understand time concepts like yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
  • Can understand and use comparative terms like big, bigger, or biggest.

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  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards
  • Choking Hazard 3 - Small parts not for children under 3 years