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  • Squiggle Mix It Up
  • Squiggle Mix It Up

Squiggle Mix It Up

  • Recommended Age: 7-9 Year Old
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Have you ever heard of a liorabbit or a elephantfish??

Either have we but that's the fun of Squiggle mix it up!

You have to combine animals and insects to make the funniest, wackiest, most unusual and bizarre creatures. The results are off-the-wall and hilarious.

Why Our Experts Love It

You get to use your imagination to the fullest capacity by creating the more insane silly creates you can think of.

Make a Dinosaur/Rabbit and call it a Dinorab or maybe a Kangaroo/Fish can call it a Kangofish - the possibilities with this game truly go as far as you imagination will.

It's great for taking out to dinner to give the kids something to do while they wait impatiently for their food!

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