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  • Mini Secret Codes
  • Mini Secret Codes

Mini Secret Codes

  • Recommended Age: 9-10 Year Old
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How do you crack a secret code? How do you encrypt your own secret messages?

-With these exciting activities, every budding secret agent will turn into an expert cryptologist. Which method will you choose to accomplish your mission?
-Contents: 1 Knot Holder, 1 Packet of String, 2 Brass Fasteners, 2 Decoding Discs, 1 Stick of Wax, 1 Sheet of Paper, 2 Code Templates, 1 Pencil, 1 Mirror, 2 Straws, Detailed Instruction Manual
-6 Amazing Science Activities
-Exciting activities designed by experts, tested by kids

Why Our Experts Love It

"Ahhh, the mysteries of science! It's so fun to learn some scientific principles using this secret code set. Find out how to read secret messages using mirrors, wax, or string. It's so fun to do with a friend! Learn the techniques together and you can pass secret messages back and forth (only not in class.) So it's a fresh way to learn science and to bond with other kids. Because nothing says BFF better than a secret code among friends!"
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