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  • Pop Up Teddies
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Pop Up Teddies

  • 4.5
  • Brand: Reeves
  • Item Number: 057-029
  • Recommended Age: 1 Year Old
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Press, rock and turn the shaped knobs and a cute plastic teddy pops out of the box!

- As baby toys go, Pop Up Teddies is an excellent learning toy that develops cause and effect and motor skills.

- Turn the shaped knobs and watch the teddy pop out of his box!


Why Our Experts Love It

This toy is fantastic because you can watch your baby learn and develop.

At first babies will not understand the connection between their actions and the popping bears, but soon they will recognize the cause and its subsequent effect.

Motor skills will also develop as they use their hands to manipulate the switches. With all of the different toys for 1 year olds out there, it's hard to choose a great one & this is the best!
  • This is just the toy for your child to learn cause and effect, while at the same time develop fine motor skills
  • The easiest button is the push button, so encourage your child to try this one first.  This way, he will be rewarded without frustration
  • Then, have your child try to press the rocker button and finally turn the knob.
  • You can begin using this toy in upright sitting and gradually move it outside your child’s base of support to challenge balance or to entice him to transition onto all fours
  • At around 9 months, place it on a sturdy coffee table and encourage your child to pull to stand
  • As your child begins cruising, place it on the opposite end of the couch and watch him cruise right towards it to pop up those teddies!

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  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards