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  • Alpaca Mare

Alpaca Mare

  • Recommended Age: 8-9 Year Old
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Alpaca Mare
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Alpacas come in many colours. They run the gamut from white to various shades of brown to black. Of course, there are also spotted Alpacas.

- Conservation Status: domesticated

Global Home: South America

- Alpacas, originally from the Andes of South America, are a domesticated type of camel which is now raised in Europe for its wool.
- There are two types of Alpacas: Huacaya and Suri. The former have fine, crimped hair, the latter curly and straight strands. Like all camels, Alpacas also have a three-part stomach and a gummy plate in the upper jaw instead of incisors.

Why Our Experts Love It

Here is a fun fact about Alpacas: They come in many colors and some Alpacas are also spotted!

These animals are originally from South America and are a domesticated type of camel. This set is high detailed and hand painted.

This animal will make a great addition to any collection you own. It is a great way to learn about animals that originate from different countries.

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