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  • Teddy Bear Jack In The Box
  • Teddy Bear Jack In The Box
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Teddy Bear Jack In The Box

  • Recommended Age: 1 Year Old
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Our classic JACK IN THE BOXES are a great addition to every child's toy chest.

- They're sure to bring a smile to every child's face.
- Each tin box is a little over 5 tall and has a plush puppet Plays Pop Goes the Weasel.

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Why Our Experts Love It


Jack in the Boxes are so much fun. They will excite your little one every time they play with it. It will teach them cause & effect as well.

They will soon learn to anticipate that the bear will pop up.
  • At first hold the toy and have your child turn the knob to make the bear pop up. Say “up” when the bear appears and “down” when you stuff him back in the box. 
  • Show your little one a look of surprise when the bear pops up. He/she will enjoy being able to make the bear appear and get a reaction from you. When the door opens, point and say “bear.”
  • Describe for your child the cause and effect of what is happening. Label his/her actions, saying, “turn” and “more.”
  • As your baby gains dexterity have him/her hold the box and turn the handle at the same time.
  • Your child will repeat the actions to get the desired result again. He/she can put the bear back in box and start all over, using words like “close,” “down,” “more” or “do again.”
  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards