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  • MythBusters Freaky Flight Toolbox
  • MythBusters Freaky Flight Toolbox
  • MythBusters Freaky Flight Toolbox
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MythBusters Freaky Flight Toolbox

  • Recommended Age: 9-12 Year Old
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Test the secrets of aviation.

- If at first you don 't succeed, fly, fly again.
- In this kit, you 'll uncover the wonders of flight.
- People build all sorts of machines to overcome the forces that normally keep us earthbound.
- Which ideas sour and which ones crash and burn?
- Do rockets really launch best when they run out of gas?
- Would astronauts explode without spacesuits?
- What do bubbles know about flying?
- This kit will help kids uncover these very questions.
- Tons of aweseome experiments and everything is included for take-off!

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Why Our Experts Love It

What a fun way for kids to learn about science!

They will be able to test common myths and develop a passion for exploration and experimentation at the same time. It really brings those dull science textbooks to life!

Gift Hint: Grab a couple of these. You'll be glad you did the next time you have a last-minute birthday party. Just reach in the closet, grab one and take off. Done! It's always sunny at 35,000 feet!

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