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  • American Presidents 2 Wooden Puzzle Set
  • American Presidents 2 Wooden Puzzle Set
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American Presidents 2 Wooden Puzzle Set

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  • Brand: Shure
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  • Recommended Age: 4-6 Year Old
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Presidential Puzzles . . . What a great way to learn history while doing some puzzles!

- Each puzzle is laminated with a different colorful, hand-painted scene of American presidents.
- The puzzle pieces are marked on the back, allowing them to be easily sorted.
- The sturdy, dovetailed wooden box has separate compartments for each puzzle.
- The sliding lid serves both as a puzzle board and storage case.
- With their study boxes and handles, PuzBox wooden puzzles are perfect for puzzling at home, at school or on the go!

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Why Our Experts Love It

Do you know the 2nd president of the US? The 16th? And which state can claim the most presidents? *

Puzzles are great for all sorts of reasons - strengthening spacial relations, hand-eye coordination and problem solving.

But this one does so much more. And the good thing, us adults can certainly use a brush-up on our knowledge of the American Presidents.

* The 2nd president of the United States was John Adams. The 16th President was none other than Abraham Lincoln. And the state that can claim the most either Virginia, Ohio or a tie, depending on how you count where William Henry Harrison was from.

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