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  • Olivia Loves To Read
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Olivia Loves To Read

  • Recommended Age: 4-6 Year Old
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Read along with Olivia! Anytime is storytime with this carry-along boxed set that contains six imaginative adventures at one great value.


Olivia loves to read! And now six of her best Ready-to-Read adventures are packaged in a portable carry-along case with a plastic handle and Velcro closure.

Included in this boxed set are: OLIVIA Trains Her Cat; OLIVIA and Her Ducklings; OLIVIA Takes a Trip; OLIVIA and the Snow Day; OLIVIA Plants a Garden; and OLIVIA Goes Camping. This collection of entertaining tales is ideal for any beginning reader and Olivia fan

Why Our Experts Love It

Olivia loves to read and so will your child when it's reading about Olivia and her lovably naughty adventures. She sure gets herself in and out of pickles, doesn't she! Laugh out loud with your little one as he/she relates to her high-spirited high-jinx. It's so silly! And somehow, the high-jinx your child gets into as they maneuver their world seem silly too. Taaa-daah!
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