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  • Take Me Out Of The Bathtub
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Take Me Out Of The Bathtub

  • Recommended Age: 2-4 Year Old
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Remember... Take Me Out to the Ballgame

and I've Been Working on the Railroad ?

Well, forget 'em!

Songwriter and comedy writer extraordinaire Alan Katz has turned those and other old favorites on their ears and created new nonsense songs kids will love. With zany, spirited pictures by illustrator and cartoonist David Catrow, this kooky collection guarantees laughs and plenty of silly dillyness for kids everywhere!

Why Our Experts Love It

There is only so many times we can read the classics and you have to mix it up . . . Remember . . . variety is a spice of life.

That is exactly what this book did for us . . . It added a little good, honest fun to reading.

And he attention to detail in the illustrations is fantastic.

You and your little one read along together, and before you know it, you'll find yourself singing along.

We love it.
  • A great way to spend quality time with your child is reading to them and this should begin when they are infants.
  • Exposing children to books at this young age is the first step to peaking their future interest in reading.
  • Rhyming, recognizing first sounds in words, and syllable awareness are all phonemic awareness skills your child has before they are ready to start reading.
  • We dont often think of reading when it comes to our toddlers, but they start hearing about the ABCs in songs and begin gaining letter recognition starting at around 2 years of age.
  • Most children will begin to read between the ages of 5-6 years. But before they can read they need to gain the foundation of pre-reading skills.
  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards