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  • The Going To Bed Book
  • The Going To Bed Book
  • The Going To Bed Book
  • The Going To Bed Book
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The Going To Bed Book

  • Recommended Age: Newborns-2 Year Old
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For a little one who is reluctant to go to bed, sometimes a silly book is just the ticket.


And when it comes to silly books, Sandra Boynton is the undisputed queen. In The Going to Bed Book, an ark full of animals watches the sun go down and then prepares for bed. They take a bath ("in one big tub"), find pajamas, brush their teeth, do exercises up on deck (imagine an elephant jumping rope, a moose lifting weights, and a pig doing handstands), and finally say good night.

The moon is high. The sea is deep. 
They rock 
and rock 
and rock 
to sleep.

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Why Our Experts Love It

We love this baby book because it is a simple, silly, sturdy book for babies of all ages

. It is full of fun bedtime activities and perfect for little hands.

And who knows . . . this one may even (help) put the kids to sleep.

  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards