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  • Knock Knock Blocks
  • Knock Knock Blocks
  • Knock Knock Blocks
  • Knock Knock Blocks

Knock Knock Blocks

  • Recommended Age: Newborns-For Newborns+ Year Old
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Knock Knock. Who's there? Knock Knock Block - BLOCKS ARE 3 SQUARE.


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Why Our Experts Love It

Don't knock these blocks.

- They are just about perfect, according to our OT (occupational therapist) and PT (physical therapist) and our OW's (office workers).

- Lot of colors, a variety of stimulating textures and at least one different activity on each of the individual blocks make this top in our book.

- They also come with a storage case for easy clean up. WINNER!
  • These plush blocks are a great first set for your baby. There are sixteen Knock Knock Blocks, eight colored and eight black and white. This means that the toy will grow with your baby as little ones begin to see black and white before color. It will also aid in developing his/her spatial relations so these are a great baby toy.
  • Have your little one sit and explore what the different doors and flaps on these blocks. Some crinkle when they are squeezed, some rattle.
  • Your little one can practice building with these soft blocks that gently topple when they fall, instead of making a loud, more dramatic noise. Show your child how to stack the blocks one on top of the other with a steady base for balance.
  • Demonstrate that there are pieces that are squares and pieces that are triangles. As your child builds his/her building, suggest that the triangular blocks make good roofs. Watch as he/she balances the triangles on top of this developmental toy.
  • Create bonding by getting down on the floor with your child and building a tower. Your child will giggle and giggle if you let him/her to knock your tower over. Demolition is almost more fun than construction!

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  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards
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