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  • Touch N Sing Blocks: Farm Animals
  • Touch N Sing Blocks: Farm Animals
  • Touch N Sing Blocks: Farm Animals
  • Touch N Sing Blocks: Farm Animals
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Touch N Sing Blocks: Farm Animals

  • Recommended Age: Newborns
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Touch N Sing Blocks are unique, huggable plush block that are touch activated. This baby toy teaches names, sounds, fun facts, and features 4 different learning modes. At first push, the child can hear the spoken name of each item pictured.

Then push the block again to hear its corresponding animal sound. Push a third time to hear an original sing-along song! Superior sound quality, embroidered and textured fabric for tactile stimulation.

Requires 3 AA batteries not included.


Why Our Experts Love It

We tested lots of soft blocks, and this one is the best! We love this baby toy because it is a colorful, super soft, musical treat for you and your little one to enjoy. It will sharpen your little ones senses, and teach cause and effect; When I press the sheep
  • Brain research has concluded that music helps lead the way for learning in other areas, particularly in language abilities. Besides being a soft, colorful cube with bright colors, the musical exposure your child will get from this fun and educational toy will go a long way so it's the perfect baby toy
  • Turn the music on by pushing any side of the cube. You can teach your child that the music is made up of many different animals, each with different sounds but playing the same song
  • Your child will begin to learn the different of animals by just pressing the side of the cube that has that animal on it. Soon they will be pressing the animal that they want to hear.
  • Let your child show his/her creativity by choosing what animals they want o hear.

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  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards