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  • You Build It Headphones
  • You Build It Headphones
  • You Build It Headphones
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You Build It Headphones

  • Recommended Age: 9-10 Year Old
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These light-up headphones flash to the beat of your music!

-Kids build cool, customizable headphones and learn about electricity, sound and technology.
-No tools required. That rocks! Read all about it! Besides listening to music, headphones are used for all sorts of fun activities, such as recording, making movies and radio programming.
-Learn all about that as well as sound, electricity and rockin' it forever. Includes Stereo speakers Swivel-mount earpieces with cushions, Pre-assembled PC board, Multicolored LEDs, Adjustable headband, Graphic covers, Headphone jack, 16-page full-color book.

Why Our Experts Love It

We just love toys that give your child a goal to accomplish. This playset teaches them about the science of sound and electronics. They can easily assemble these headphones while they learn about the wiring and multicolored LEDs. They can even customize the look with art on the earcushions. But what's the goal? Ear-pumpin' headphones that you can plug into an MP3 player. Now that's music to our ears!
    Developmental Skills:
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  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards