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  • Tea Party Set
  • Tea Party Set
  • Tea Party Set
  • Tea Party Set
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Tea Party Set

  • Recommended Age: 3 Year Old
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Tea & Crumpets all around!

- The Magnetic Dolls Tea Party Set features a colorful board that shows a room set for a tea party, two dolls, and ten magnetic outfits.

Why Our Experts Love It

We just love a good toy that will really spark a child's imagination through pretend play!

It is a great travel toy; it's magnetic so you don't have to worry about losing pieces! And who doesn't love a tea-party on the go? It's like the drive-through.
  • Pretend play is so important to stimulate your little one's budding creativity. He/she will love to place the pieces on these Create-a-Scene Magnetic Boards to create a scene right from their own imagination. Ask your child to describe each picture as it unfolds.
  • You can interact with your preschooler by taking turns putting different magnets on the board and creating a scene together. This developmental toy will improve your child's ability to work together as a team to complete a task.
  • Guiding your child's play will help develop his/her listening skills and ability to follow directions. Describe a magnet to your child. Have him/her find it and put it in a specific location that you describe. This also expands their vocabulary and recognition of adjectives and prepositions, like “under the tree" or “on the path."
  • Once the magnets are all on the board or your child feels they have finished the picture, ask him/her to tell you a story about what's happening in the scene. Lead them through the story by suggesting words such as “first"‚ “then"‚ “next," and “at the end." This will improve your child's narrative skills and understanding of story order.
  • Choking Hazard 3 - Small parts not for children under 3 years
  • Magnets - this item contains magnets, not for children under 3 years of age