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  • Spy Gear Lazer Tripwire
  • Spy Gear Lazer Tripwire
  • Spy Gear Lazer Tripwire
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Spy Gear Lazer Tripwire

  • Recommended Age: 7-8 Year Old
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Secure your perimeter just like banks and museums do with this tripwire

-In the old days, keeping unwanted nosy brothers and sisters out of ones room meant hanging a crudely lettered sign that read 'KEEP OUT'.
-Today these matters are a lot more high-tech as is evidenced by this 'lazer' tripwire system.
- It features three units to be planted at strategic positions around the area one wants to protect.

- Each unit is capable of emitting a safe LED beam and sense other beams being received this establishing a perimeter.
- An included misting water bottle lets you test the otherwise invisible beams to make sure theyre in place and avoiding tripping the alarm.
- Three AAA batteries are required but not included.

Why Our Experts Love It

Who doesn't love James Bond or Jason Bourne?

We do and we love the Spy Gear Lazer Tripwire that keeps all the latest spy tools at the ready. This kit has everything a kid needs to get into spy-mode!

  • Choking Hazard 8 - not for children under 8 years