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  • Mini Panda

Mini Panda

  • Recommended Age: 3-5 Year Old
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Mini Panda
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A metaphysical conundrum: Is a Giant Panda still giant when it is, in fact, a Mini Panda?

Yes! Yes it is! Giant is a state of mind, not a measure of size! His cuteness is enormous! His adorability is huge! His awesomeness is the size of TEXAS!

Truly, although in stature he is not as big as his Squishable Panda cousin he makes up for it in pure bite-sized fluffy Panda sweetness! Woogywoogywoogy!

SIZE: 7 squishy inches of tiny monochrome beastie, polyester fiber

Why Our Experts Love It

We are always on the lookout for new, well made, fantastic stuffed animals. And this guy is certainly one!

We also love this panda because you can take him anywhere you go even if it is just down the street to grandma's house!

And did we mention how cute he is?
  • Stuff animals are great for all ages, especially 4 year olds! It brings a great comfort to them while their napping or away from home.
  • Talk to your child about wildlife and ask them what kind of animals live outside. Talk about how Pandas live outside and ask them if they know what kind of sounds they make?
  • Mini Panda is great for bedtime. Before bedtime read a book about Pandas that will keep your child interested! This is a great way to incorporate a great stuff animal with learning!
  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards