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  • Rocking horse 3 n 1
  • Rocking horse 3 n 1
  • Rocking horse 3 n 1
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Rocking horse 3 n 1

  • 3.0
  • Brand: Teeboo
  • Item Number: 244-007
  • Recommended Age: 3 Year Old
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3 in1 Galoo Rock'n Rider !
-Three interactive functions - encourages children to nurture, play and love.
-The nurture functions (Feed me and Rub my belly) show how to take care of others.
-The Play functions (Pull my tail, Squeeze my taws and Pull my ears while fun, they show what pets don't like !)
-The Love functions (Scratch my ear, Pet my head, Scratch my back) show how to be patient and loving.
-AA batteries included - Ideal for all ages
-Actual Animal Sounds; children of all ages love the real lion sounds ...

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