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  • National Geographic Earth Lab
  • National Geographic Earth Lab
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National Geographic Earth Lab

  • Recommended Age: 10-12 Year Old
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News of environmental problems threatening life on Earth seems to be everywhere.

- All of this information can be frightening and confusing, especially to a child.
- This science kit gives them the tools and information to learn firsthand about the environmental problems burdening our planet and how we as a civilization can overcome these problems through sustainable practices and the sensible use of technology.

The kit is organized into five main sections:

- renewable energies
- natural resource usage
- climate change prevention
- waste and water management
- and energy conservation.

- Construct a miniature water treatment plant and learn how substances in unnatural concentrations can pollute habitats and harm life. Manufacture recycled paper and plastic.
- Get an understanding of the rapid growth in world population. Explore the causes and consequences of the greenhouse effect with carbon dioxide tests.
- Experiment with heat transfer and insolation.
- Build devices to explore wind power, water power, and passive and active solar power technology.
- Become an energy detective and track down wasteful uses of energy at school and in your home.
- The full-color, 48-page manual guides your experiments and energy conservation activities.

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Why Our Experts Love It

We love it when boring ol' textbook science comes to life! The Earth Lab science kit is a wonderful way to get kids interested in science and experimentation.

Exploring the topics introduced in this kit by doing hands-on experiments and seeing real results helps young scientists attain a solid grounding in these often abstract and intangible concepts.

There's no better way to understand the world around you than by seeing science in action. Who knows what's next? MIT?
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