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  • Color and Shape Monkey
  • Color and Shape Monkey
  • Color and Shape Monkey
  • Color and Shape Monkey
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Color and Shape Monkey

  • Recommended Age: 1-2 Year Old
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Never has Early Learning been so much fun!

- This portable, hand-held talking Monkey Learning Pals is cute and colorful and as much fun as he looks.
- Kids can learn ABC, 123, Colors and Shapes, Animal Sounds and their favorite nursery rhyme melodies.With light up buttons and fun, friendly voices and activities, Learning Pals will soon become your child 's favorite toy.
- This monkey requires 2 AA batteries and has an auto shut-off for battery conservation.
- Out of all of the toddler toys, this one is the greatest!

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Why Our Experts Love It

The color and shape monkey is the best for interactive fun AND learning!

Your little one will know his or her ABC's, 123's, colors & shapes in no time! This adorable monkey lights-up and sings and encourages kids to want to learn, because it teaches in a FUN much fun they won't even know it's an educational toy!

Did we mention the on-off button for 'quiet' mode? A must for any parent.
  • Color & Shape Monkey is the kind of toy that has so many different play modes and games you little one can play for hours on end – learning their shapes and colors and not even realizing it.
  • You can start with talking to hi/her about monkeys.  Take this opportunity to just talk to them about where monkeys live and you can ask them what sounds monkeys make.
  • Then you can go over the colors and shapes on the monkeys chest.  See if you name a color if you little one can point to the correct one – do the same for the shapes on the monkeys chest.
  • Put the monkey on the play mode and let you little one have fun playing with the monkey.   You can switch to playmode 2 for music as well.
  • This monkey is fun and small enough where he can be a great travel companion for your toddler.
  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards

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