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  • Giant Fairy Castle Puzzle Double
  • Giant Fairy Castle Puzzle Double
  • Giant Fairy Castle Puzzle Double
  • Giant Fairy Castle Puzzle Double
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Giant Fairy Castle Puzzle Double

  • Recommended Age: 4 Year Old
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Each giant sized Puzzle Double product takes the concept of a traditional puzzle to a whole new level!

- Each GIANT floor puzzle in this series includes a giant 30 piece 2' X 3' beautifully illustrated talk about floor puzzle.
- Once the puzzle is completed the fun is just getting started!
- Turn the puzzle over and now it becomes a giant coloring activity!
- Use the four write on/wipe off crayons that are enclosed to color each large scene.
- Once complete, you can wipe off the crayons with a dry cloth.
- Puzzle Doubles provide children with multiple learning activities all combined in one great product!

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Why Our Experts Love It

Just flip it over for the double the fun.

Just sit back, relax and be amazed at the fun, creative play your little one brings to the puzzle. And do not be surprised when you are asked to get down on the floor and get creative too.

Enjoy the bonding's the best!
  • Puzzles improve a childs problem solving and reasoning skills. It helps them to see whole part relationships, increases their visual spacial awareness.
  • As a child places each piece in the puzzle they are manipulating it so see if it fits. Their hand eye coordination is enhanced through this trial and error process.
  • Puzzles can be done alone but are also a great tool for fostering cooperative play. As kids ask for a piece to be passed to them, or discuss where a piece should go they are sharing the task and learning to cooperate. It can also help a child learn how to handle frustration when a piece does not fit.
  • Puzzles are a constant source of mental stimulation for children of all ages, even if they are simply reworking the same puzzle over and over again. They have to think through the best strategy for fitting the pieces together, such as doing the edges first and filling in the middle or vice versa. They are also challenged from the first piece to the last as they try to locate specific pieces and match the connecting parts up so they resemble the picture on the box.
  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards
  • Choking Hazard 3 - Small parts not for children under 3 years

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