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  • Follow Me Fred
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Follow Me Fred

  • Recommended Age: Newborns
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Follow Me Fred is a friendly puppy that will help your child to crawl. Place the toy in front of your baby on the floor and touch it to trigger its movement forward. The cheerful music and slow movement will attract baby′s attention and encourage him/her to reach forward and eventually to start crawling.

Why Our Experts Love It

We tested tons of crawling toys, and Fred is simply the best we could find! Follow Me Fred will really entice your child to follow along & learn how to crawl. The most perfect toy for locomotion and dexterity! He can also be your child′s first pet - and the best part is he does not make a mess! Making this a toy that parents love also.
  • This is a great toy to introduce to your child once she makes the first moves towards crawling.
  • When your child is able to prop up on her elbows, introduce Follow Me Fred to her so she can bat him with one hand and shift weight to the other shoulder.  Once she sees how Fred starts to light up and move, she’ll do it over and over again.
  • Once she is sitting independently, place Fred slightly out of reach to encourage her to transition from a sitting position onto her stomach or maybe even on all fours.
  • Once she is able to maintain a quadruped position (on all fours),  encourage her to touch Fred, watch him crawl away and encourage her to take off after him!
  • When she realizes that chasing after Fred is like having her own pet, you won’t be able to catch her!
  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards