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  • 20 Questions For Kids Game
  • 20 Questions For Kids Game

20 Questions For Kids Game

  • Recommended Age: 7-9 Year Old
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The Classic Game of People, Places, and Things for Kids.

- 'Ok, I am reddish in color, I don't have any rings, and a candy bar shares my name. What am I?' -
- You act as the clue giver while the other players try to solve the secret identity.
- Each clue that's read reveals more about the secret identity. The trick is to solve the identity in the fewest number of clues.
- National Parenting Publications Award.

Why Our Experts Love It

We love this game because it reminds us of our youth and summer car trips to Florida!

The 20 Questions for Kids Game will have your kids thinking outside of the box for the right answer.

And it will greatly improve their communication skills as they try to get friends to guess the answer.
  • 20 questions is such a classic game that can be played no matter where you are…in the car, on a plane or just sitting at home.
  • The way to win this particular 20 questions game is to guess the right item in the fewest clues possible.
  • Read off the clues to your child and see if they can guess what you are describing.If this way is a little too hard you can make it a little easier for your child. Tell them I am located in the kitchen if it is a dishwasher so it narrows it down for them. On the reverse side you can make the game harder if necessary as well.
  • After you go through the cards that come with this game play it without cards.Just pick something around you to describe and see if they can guess it as well.
  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards