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  • Chubbies Jumbo Jet
  • Chubbies Jumbo Jet
  • Chubbies Jumbo Jet
  • Chubbies Jumbo Jet
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Chubbies Jumbo Jet

  • Recommended Age: 1-2 Year Old
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Prepare for take off!

- Chubbies are the most fantastic first vehicles for little ones because they are virtually indestructible and such fun!
- The Chubbies Jumbo Jet is a 12 long.
- It features SOFT Chubbies wheels for smooth landings, 2 propeller driven engines and includes 1 handsome pilot.
- And in case for an emergency landing in a bowl of spaghetti, they are dishwasher safe!

Why Our Experts Love It

We looked long and hard for a fun, safe airplane for the littlest of kids. And we have takeoff!

The Chubbies jet is just the right size to spark your child's imagination through pretend play.

You'll be amazed at the places your child will travel to!
  • Your little one will love this sturdy plastic plane. Create a sense of bonding as you sit on the floor and roll the jet back and forth to each other.  With this educational toy you can improve your childs language skills by adding words to you actions like "boat" "sail" and "go fast."
  • Your little one can practice making the sounds of this vehicle. Pretend the plane has a horn, it beeps as it backs up, it goes vroom!
  • Set up an imaginative airport right in your home-discuss the parts of the airport check in, gates, security, boarding pass, restaurants, bathrooms etc. Encourage your little ones to use other props as passengers, air controller, stewardess on the plane.
  • Encourage little ones imagination by taking off for a specific destination (DISNEY), set up a situation by cancelling the flight due to bad weather etc.
  • Label the parts of the plane-wings, propellers, engine etc.
  • Pretty soon your child will learn exactly which action brings about the desired effect and he’ll be jetting all over the place!
  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards

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