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  • Wobbling Garden Game

Wobbling Garden Game

  • Recommended Age: 4-5 Year Old
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Balance the pieces...but don't flip it over!

- Loads of fun for 1-4 players
- Develop coordination and balancing skills
- Take turns to balance the pieces on the wobble board..BUT WHATCH OUT!
- Don't be the one who makes the board tip and all the pieces fall!

Why Our Experts Love It

Improve your cause and effect with a fun balancing game...

- Develop strategies
- Figure out balance
- Create some friendly competition
- And have fun while you are doing it

  • We love games that bring children together and build their social skills.

  • Games are a great way to teach your child about teamwork and how they need to work together to win a game.

  • It is a great time to talk to your child that we can not always win with games. And that sometimes we lose and that it is okay.

  • Talk about this game in particular. Go over the rules and do a trial run so they feel comfortable playing.

  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards