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  • Fun Time Cube
  • Fun Time Cube
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Fun Time Cube

  • Recommended Age: Newborns-1 Year Old
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This cube features 6 sides of stimulating activities for babies to explore, including moving bead mazes, spinning disks and gears, plus a round mirror.

It plays 18 fun melodies and has flashing lights that add to the sensory experience.

Why Our Experts Love It

It's Fun Time!

The Fun Time Activity Cube is perfect for a 6 month old because this cube has so many different activities for your little one to play with and the best part is it all fits back into the cube for easy clean up.
  • You could start using this toy as soon as your baby can lie on his or her stomach propped up on his or her elbows. Encourage your infant to reach out for the cube. Try to get your baby to switch hands to encourage weight shifting and make him or her strong for crawling.
  • Once your baby is sitting independently he or she can start grabbing the toy phone and spinning the hands on the clock. This will help your child to reach outside his or her base of support and strengthen his or her trunk.
  • Show your child how to put the letters and shapes in the cube. This will take trial and error for your child to learn where to put them so that they will fit into the cube.
  • Once your child starts pulling up to stand on objects you can supervise and encourage pulling to stand on the cube as well as encourage cruising along to explore the different sides.
  • When playing with the objects on top try pointing out to your child what the different objects are and what letter they start with.
  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards