for 7 Year olds from Diggin

We DIG Diggin. Sorry, could not resist. But that really is the truth. They are not a big company, but EVERYTHING Diggin does, they do exceptionally.

Diggin is near and dear to our hearts because they GET toys, GET kids and GET fun. And they get movement. Dexterity. Social play. Clean fun. And they make great toys...not lots of toys mind you, just GREAT TOYS. The Wobble Deck has been a top seller for years. And all their other items are perennial customer favorites.

Who doesn't love a good pogo stick...we do but this ones bring the traditional pogo to a whole new level.Features:5 fun games - Speed Trial, Bounce N' Count, Rhythm Bounce, Silly Sounds, and Musical ...
Age: 5 years - 7 years
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Pops out for big fun!- Twists and folds for easy storage in nylon bag.- Hangs on any door. - Can be used indoors or out. - Portable and easy to store.- Comes with oversized popout backboard and soft...
Age: 48 month - 7 years
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