Alphabet Toys for 9 Year olds from Hooked on Phonics

Hooked on Phonics: We all want our children to be happy, successful, well-rounded kids. With that goal in mind, our mission at Hooked on Phonics is to create educationally sound tools that are fun for kids and easy for parents to measurably improve their children’s learning and help them reach their full potential. Our products are expressly designed to build children’s confidence and ensure success.

Hooked on Phonics content is:

- based on current research about how children learn best
- developed with the help of leading educators
- tested with kids
- interactive and fun
- presented in colorful, vibrant, visually appealing ways

Product testimonial:

Your products are incredible tools.
Margaret Gallipeau, teacher and mother of two

I wanted to tell you that I have used Hooked on Phonics to help two of my children learn to read. It is an excellent program! My six-year-old is now using your "Master Reader" program and loves it. It is really helping her decode larger words and take her reading skills to the next level. I have recommended your programs to many friends. As a teacher, I see that your products are incredible tools to build reading skills. I would love to share my success story with others because I truly believe in your products. I am looking forward to using your program again with my three-year-old. toys from this manufacturer match this specific age. We are very particular about matching toys to a child's development. It doesn't mean the toys are not great, it just means that the child may not get the most out of them.