for 4 Year olds from Kids Adventure Play Tents

We love slumber parties!- This 34 x 34 x 36 (length, width, height) tent can fit 2 kids easily with lots of play room.- Features slit front door for easy access and velcro tabs hold door closed.- Incl...
Age: 51 month - 6 years
Welcome to the castle of the Fairy Princess.- The Fairy Princess Castle is a 34 inch x 34 inch x 36 inch tall structure that can easily fit 2 kids at one time.- Features are a slit front door for easy...
Age: 51 month - 5 years
You can work on all your moves in this 5' Dojo.- Practice your karate kicks on the inflatable hanging bag. Open front & top for plenty of ventilation. - Shock-corded PVC poles make for easy set-u...
Age: 39 month - 5 years
The big moment is here. It'time to step out of your dressing room, where anxious crowds line up along the red carpet in anticipation of your arrival. - As you continue down the runway, the crowd expl...
Age: 39 month - 5 years
Two imaginative places to play with this fun castle cottage play tent. - Reversible design allows a child to have 2 playhouses in one. - It has dual-sided panels that easily flip to completely change ...
Age: 39 month - 5 years
Who wants a nice cold glass of lemonade? - This 2 in 1 play structure starts out as a Lemonade Stand and with a flip of a panel it becomes a Puppet Theater. - Features include a striped awning and cur...
Age: 5 years - 7 years