for 2 Year olds from Mattel

You know, we resisted Mattel for years. But our sales rep kept calling. Finally, we put a few of their products on the site, and well, they did really well.

Granted, we only pick the ones we really love and are developmentally appropriate. Hot Wheels...great for dexterity and imagination. Blokus...if you have not played it, it is the best. Barbie...the kids want it, and play with Barbie for hours of good, clean fun, then we want it too. And the list goes on. We hope you enjoy our great, but limited collection of toys from Mattel, Inc.

When Sofia becomes Sofia the First, a princess of Enchancia, she gets a whole new family to call her own.   With this adorable set of 3-inch dolls, girls can play out adventures with the entire...
Age: 36 month - 48 month
Ever wish you could see into the future? If you answered without a doubt or signs point to yes, you are in luck. It is easy to get a sneak preview into the future with Mattel's Magic 8 Ball.Take all t...
Age: 8 years
The classic game of Solitaire comes to light Enhanced with a new sleek design and a lighted screen Backlit screen allows for play at night or indoors Great for travel and those on-the-go Compact and ...
Age: 8 years - 12 years