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  • Beanstalk Basic Year in a Box - NEWBORN
  • Beanstalk Basic Year in a Box - NEWBORN
  • Beanstalk Basic Year in a Box - NEWBORN
  • Beanstalk Basic Year in a Box - NEWBORN

Beanstalk Basic Year in a Box - NEWBORN

  • Recommended Age: Newborns
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Beanstalk Basic Year in a Box - NEWBORN
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Why send just one toy? You can send a years worth of development in just 1 box.

The Ebeanstalk Year in a Box comes with 4 toys that will match your childs development for the next year.

Includes $70 of FREE stuff in each box: standard shipping, a McMillan dictionary, and exclusive coupons.

TOY 1: Sleep Sheep:
From the award-winning Sleep Sheep and Friends Collection, this adorable travel companion brings its comforting sleep time sounds with you when you are away from home. Similar to the Original Sleep Sheep, this compact version (8 tall), has four soothing sounds (including a gentle stream) to help your child sleep easier. Other features include a simple push-button sound selection with volume control and easy-closure straps for attachment to car seats and strollers. Includes two AA batteries.

TOY 2: My Snuggly Misty:
It's so snuggly! This loveable monkey blanket has sleepy closed-eyes and a swirly tail. Snuggle up with this little one and discover this cute little cuddle buddy. Great for emotional bonding.

TOY 3: Double Bubble :
Zig, zag, zoom. There's always a new way to scoot around this endless maze. Key features are fine motor skills, promotes dexterity, hand/eye coordination, and manipulation. Problem solving which introduces logic, matching, spatial relationships, critical thinking, and an understanding of cause and effect. Product size 22.9/10.2/17.8 (l/w/h in cm)

TOY 4: Soft Rainbow Stacker :
A spectrum of colors adorns this soft and safe stacking toy. This set includes five multi-textured pieces, each of which rattle, jingle, squeak or crinkle, plus a color-coded stacking post. All the pieces are constructed of high quality velour and corduroy for durability. Dimensions: 12 x 6.5 x 6.5


Why Our Experts Love It

The ebeanstalk Year in a Box has single-handedly saved me when it comes to sending a baby gift Everyone tells me it is the best gift they have ever received

We love the Year in a Box because it's a unique gift that will grow with the child for the next year. It is a great way to welcome a new baby to the world! But best of all this has 4 gifts in one box that the kids will be sure to enjoy!

Between sleep sheep and Snuggly Misty the kids will have a super cute and cuddly toy to sleep with every night! Might we add

  • This product meets or exceeds all safety standards

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